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When Should I wash my horses’ blanket ?

  • At least yearly. The best time is immediately after the Winter season so the excrement and urine will not fade and breakdown the fabric. This will extend the life of your Horse Blanket.
  • If you live in a long winter climate… have a spare Blanket, then wash one then about every 6 months. This will allow the blanket to recover.
  • Blankets absorb sweat, dirt, excrement, urine, blood this causes bacteria and an unhealthy condition for your horse.
  • Never put a dirty blanket that has been sitting over the summer back on a horse. Or on a different horse other than its previous owner before cleaning.
  • Not washing your blanket for years will actually cause the blanket to Dry Rot and the blanket fabric will break down and not hold water repellent.
  • Why you don’t want to wash your blanket at home or Laundromat?
  • Home washers can’t take the weight it will damage your machine and will destroy the drums. Horse Blankets wet can weight as much as 75 lbs per blanket.
  • Hair may stop up the draining system.
  • Metal buckles will scratch and dent the porcelain tubs and cause rust. This will show up on future washing of whites with rust spots on them.
  • Why you don’t use a Laundromat for Washing and Drying?
  • Most Laundromat’s will not allow for Horse Blanket washing.
  • Never Dry the Horse Blankets in the Laundromat Dryers as they will melt the webbing and burn the fabric. They get extremely hot. The metal buckles will melt the fabric. Always line dry your horse blankets.

Why chose “ Somerset Farm” to Clean and Repair
your blanket?

  • We take pride in our work.
  • Our Challenge is to provide you with a returned blanket that is as close to being new as it will allow.
  • I recognize that your Horse Blanket is an expensive investment and should last if it is cared for professionally.
  • I have experience I have cleaned over 3,000 blankets personally since 2003.
  • I have the expertise to know how each blanket fabric will react to cleaning and the proper chemicals needed for each type of blanket. ( Wool, Cotton, Polyester and Blended Fabrics ).
  • We are an eco-friendly service and know how it needs to be done!

Our System for Cleaning & Repairing: Upon arrival

  • Blanket is tagged with owner’s name and written in permanent marker on inside label.
  • Blanket is examined and described on inventory sheet as to what needs to be done to this blanket.
  • Owner is then contacted at this stage and told of costs and how to proceed.
  • Hand Stitch tears so they will not rip in washing.
  • Wash Blanket in Uni Mac Washer extractor Machine
  • Line Dry Blanket
  • Examine and make repairs and replace parts as needed.
  • Apply Water Repellent if needed
  • Fold and Package with identifying label for owner
  • Contact owner by telephone or email for return.
  • Turn around time a few days or 1 week turn around based on time.

Things to know…..

  • I will tell you if your blanket is worth washing and repairing.
  • Some shrinkage may occur to binding or cotton sheets.
  • Cotton sheets and Wool blankets are washed in cold water.
  • All blankets are hung dry.
  • Lighter color blankets may leave manure stains.
  • Some Fabric color may change in spots due to excrement & urine being left on for long periods of time
  • All blankets have to be cleaned for sewing repairs
  • Pickup & delivery Depends on distance and number of blankets.
  • Minimum charge of $5.00 on Cleaned Blankets needing only repairs
  • I accept UPS Shipments
  • I also return ship to the customer. I pay for ½ of the return shipping.
  • In patching tears I try to match as closely as possible but due to fabric fading and age it is done the best way possible.

Click here to Email me if you have questions or tips
or advise on your blanket.

used blankets

We offer...
Sewing repairs Waterproofing





Let me help you to recover from those rough Winters….


Attention Barn Managers/ Owners:

All Barn Managers/ Owners will receive
a discount for their personal blanket cleaning & repair for organizing their Barns blankets for Pickup & Delivery.

Free Pickup and delivery with a minimum
of 10 blankets.

I accept UPS shipments

I will pay for 1/2
of the return
shiping cost

Payment must be made before cleaned blankets are shipped back

Let us take care of your horse blanket
cleaning and repair.

Horse Blankets are expensive!

They should be cleaned
and waterproofed yearly
to protect your investment



4592 N.Browning Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA. 30506
770-983-0362 (Farm) or 770-355-5140 (Cell)