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I was born and raised on Tybee Island, Ga. My Father , Chuck Bishop was a Major in the Tybee Island Police Department for 30 years. My Parents also owned and operated the Bel-air Motel on Butler Avenue, at Tybee.

I began my Law Enforcement career at age 18 with the FBI in Savannah, Ga. There I was a clerk. In 1976 after attending College at night for three years I was hired with the GBI in 1976 as a sworn Special Agent. I was stationed in Gainesville, Ga. I retired in 1999 after 23 years of service.

In 2000, my 6 year old daughter wanted to learn how to ride a horse. So we found a trainer and she began her lessons. A short time passed, and we purchased a small 12 acre horse farm in North Hall County, Ga. in Gainesville, Ga. Then we purchased three horses, the a horse trailer then a Barn… more lessons… more shows…. you know how it goes….

Once our Horses Blankets were dirty and torn I tried to find a service to clean them. I could not fine one here in Georgia. I decided to try myself. I had been sewing most of my life. When our blankets got torn I would try to was them in the washer in the barn then repair them. I started with a power washer and a large washing machine.

That lasted a few years… Then when the business grew and dirty blankets appeared at the farm from all over. We knew this was a needed service. To date we have washed and repaired over 3,000 blankets.

We have a 35 Lb. Uni Mac and this year we bought a new 65 lb Uni Mac commercial washer and extractor . It has over 35 computerized wash cycles. It does an excellent job. So all the blankets are power washed then also washed in the Uni Mac.

We have seen a great deal of dirty blankets and blankets that the owner thought could not be repaired. It has been a challenge to put them back to functional condition.

Why spend $ 100 or more for a new blanket, when it can be washed and repaired and waterproofed for under $ 40.00. We are all about saving money.

We wanted to help people to take care of their horses and not have to spend a lot of money for the care of their Horse Blankets. So that is the story…. I thank-you for intrusting your horse blanket cleaning and repair needs to us.

“ No Blanket is too Dirty !”

Kindest regards,

“ My treasures, they do not click or glitter…..
They glisten in the sun and neigh in the night. ”

Old Bedouin Proverb

used blankets

We offer...
Sewing repairs Waterproofing





Let me help you to recover from those rough Winters….

Attention Barn Managers/ Owners:

All Barn Managers/ Owners will receive
a discount for their personal blanket cleaning & repair for organizing their Barns blankets for Pickup & Delivery.

Free Pickup and delivery with a minimum
of 10 blankets.

I accept UPS shipments

I will pay for 1/2
of the return
shiping cost

Payment must be made before cleaned blankets are shipped back

Let us take care of your horse blanket
cleaning and repair.

Horse Blankets are expensive!

They should be cleaned
and waterproofed yearly
to protect your investment


4592 N.Browning Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA. 30506
770-983-0362 (Farm) or 770-355-5140 (Cell)