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Sewing repairs Waterproofing





Let me help you to recover from those rough winters!


Washing, Sewing Repairs and Waterproofing

I wash, repair and waterproof blankets
all year long.

Washing and Cleaning

All blankets are washed, disinfected and line-dried. Wool blankets are carefully washed in cold water and also line-dried, thus ensuring no shrinkage. Our Cleaning Process allows us to take the dirt, urine stain, manure and horse hair out of the blanket.

Washing and Cleaning Prices:

Sheets and Coolers

Sheets, Nylon


Sheets, Cotton


Coolers Fleece $20.00

Coolers Wool $20.00
Stable Blankets
Lite Wgt $20.00
Med. Wgt $22.00
Hvy. Wgt $25.00

Turn Outs
Lite Wgt $25.00
Med. Wgt $25.00
Hvy. Wgt $28.00
Saddle Pads $5.00

Sewing Repairs

As sewing repairs become a necessity. We can repair all blankets.  Most Blankets can be modified to meet the needs of your horse. We stock buckles snaps and hooks.  We also stock material to match most blankets; lining and webbing for belly tail and leg straps. All repairs are made with great attention to detail. The finished product is professionally sewn, in a manner that ensures durability.
Sewing repairs start at $1.00 and increase according to the size of the repair and replacement parts.


We use Dry-Guy Blanket Waterproofing.
It is a breathable, water based, eco-friendly waterproof that is safe for horses. No yellowing of original color. It resists stiffening, stains, and mold as well as soiling.
Waterproofing costs $15.00

Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Thank you for helping me to support my daughter's
equesterian needs and shows


Attention Barn Managers/ Owners:

All Barn Managers/ Owners will receive
a discount for their personal blanket cleaning & repair for organizing their Barns blankets for Pickup & Delivery.

Free Pickup and delivery with a minimum
of 10 blankets.

I accept UPS shipments

I will pay for 1/2
of the return
shiping cost

Payment must be made before cleaned blankets are shipped back

Let us take care of your horse blanket
cleaning and repair.

Horse Blankets are expensive!

They should be cleaned
and waterproofed yearly
to protect your investment



4592 N.Browning Bridge Road, Gainesville, GA. 30506
770-983-0362 (Farm) or 770-355-5140 (Cell)